Pop Sauvage

Bold. Couture. Made for You.

Let us show you crochet, 21st Century Style.

"It is a bit like a pearl actually. The crocheting is natural. Like a pearl. Or you turn it into a pearl by what you do and make out of it. If you translate it to French that sounds shitty. But in Portuguese, it is pérola. So, I would describe it as a pérola chic. Because a pearl is rare and it is precious and so is what you do."
- I. J. Pohlówna

Pop Sauvage brings to life crochet reimagined, by designer Vanessa Barrett, a Toronto native, and long time creative dreamer. Building upon a unique skill set, she creates intricate and awe-inspiring designs.

Well on its way to becoming a renowned fashion house, Pop Sauvage delves deeply into the minds and souls of the dreamers, the glamourous, and the style queens, weaving together a magical collection of truly transformational awe.

Pulling from various inspiration, we find art in every day. From a pop of colour in a stranger's bustle, to a random pattern from the streets, to the quiet calm of subtle serenity, to recreating fabric looks into crochet. Fashion is an art form of substance like no other, and creating unique, shocking, and truly breathtaking pieces are what push us to bring you more from the depths of the wardrobe.

Let Pop Sauvage show you what fantasy, love, passion, and dreams look like.
Let us bring you into the magic.


Pop Sauvage xo